Published on 23 Apr 2013

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►The Diamond Dimensions Modded Survival Playlist: Today is the beginning of my journey into a modpack I created called 'The Diamond Dimensions'. This modpack features over 30 mods with the full list below and today's episode shows the start by gathering materials and giving a sneak peak into the mods I will be exploring.

-- List of Mods in "The Diamond Dimensions" --

Forge API Optifine PlayerAPI The Eternal Frost Not Enough Items Underground Biomes Seasons Damage Indicators Farlanders More Swords Gravestones Rei's Minimap Jammy Furniture Enhanced Portals Atum Desert Dimension Camping Mod Cube Bots Familiars FamPack Primitive Mobs FamPack Extended FamPack Mobs Twilight Forest Legend Gear Treecapitator Grimoire of Gaia 2 Bibliocraft Battle Towers DungeonPack

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"BONE KNIGHTS & CREEPS!" - Diamond Dimensions Modded Survival -2 - Minecraft

"BONE KNIGHTS & CREEPS!" - Diamond Dimensions Modded Survival -2 - Minecraft