DanTDM has played Minecraft: Story Mode and has completed all 8 episodes of the game. His most favorite character on Minecraft: Story Mode is the pig Reuben. The reason why "the pig" is there is because in "A Journey's End", Hadrian tells Jesse that he's got Reuben, which is revealed to be the Usher from Episode 1 named "Reuben".

Episodes Completed Edit

  1. The Order of the Stone
  2. Assembly Required
  3. The Last Place You Look
  4. A Block and a Hard Place
  5. Order Up!
  6. A Portal to Mystery
  7. Access Denied
  8. A Journey's End?

Number of Times Died Edit

The Order of The Stone: 0

Assembly Required: 0

The Last Place You Look: 0

A Block and a Hard Place: 2

Order Up: 0

DanTDM's Choices Edit

The Order of the Stone Edit

  • He let Reuben get a black eye.
  • He sought out Gabriel's help to fight the Iron Golem in the basement.
  • He helped Petra when escaping the Wither Storm.
  • He convinced Lukas to stay in the shelter.
  • He chose to seek out Magnus the Rogue with Axel.

Assembly Required Edit

Coming Soon...

The Last Place You Look Edit

Coming Soon...

A Block and a Hard Place Edit

Coming Soon...

Order Up Edit

Coming Soon...

A Portal to Mystery Edit

Access Denied Edit

A Journey's End? Edit

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