Dr Trayaurus is Dan 's trusty lab partner. He is often found in Dan's mod showcases and custom mod adventures. He is often blamed for messing things up but in the end he and Dan always make up. Trayaurus can be found in any mod showcase video and even has a couple videos just about him.

Chronology Edit

Trayaurus first appeared as a silent villager that randomly changed outfits because in the Minecraft version where he was created villagers had no sounds yet. Dr.Trayaurus dies in his first video, but in others he is immortal.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a fear of Silverfish.
  • He often goes weeks without showering so he'll cover up the stink with make-up.
  • He's revealed to have blonde/yellow hair.
  • His name is officially spelt without a dot at the end of the word "Dr".
  • "Trayaurus" is uncommonly mispelt as "Trayourus" or "Traysaurus".

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